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Where do you ship to?

Answer: We ship to all of North America, different rates may apply.

Where you located?

Answer: We are Canadian born company located in the beautiful Okanagan in British Colombia, in a town called Lake Country!

How Often Do You Ship?

Answer: We ship twice every week, orders are processed in a way which allows us to roast / package and ship withing 24hrs so your coffee is guaranteed fresh!

How Often Do You Roast?

Answer: We roast daily, since we supply our Cafe as well as others we are constantly roasting to give our customers fresh delicious high elevation coffee.

What Size Are Your Bags?

Answer: Our bags come in sample pack 1.5oz, 1Lb, 2Lb and 5Lb bags

What Shipping Deals Do You Offer?

Answer: We offer FREE local shipping to the Okanagan on orders over $35, $5 flat rate shipping on all orders over $40 and FREE shipping on all orders over $55 to anywhere in Canada!

Why Is Your Coffee So Good?

Answer: It has alot to do with how we source our coffee from high elevation farms creating a seed that is low in acidity and high in sugars which in the roasting process help transform the seed into a roasted coffee bean loaded with flavor and very smooth to drink.

Is Fresh Roasted Coffee Healthy For You?

Answer: YES!! Freshly roasted coffee is loaded with valuable nutrition. It has loaded with  "super" antioxidants, minerals and more. 

How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh For?

Answer: Coffee can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks in proper storage. Storage would be in a sealed container, in a dark place and in a stable temperature. Unfortunately coffee Oxidizes and deteriorates no matter what you do to it during packaging or storing. Its best when it fresh!

What's The Best Brewing Method?

Answer: Hot and strong! Any brewing method will deliver a great cup of coffee. Its all about your preference! We use pour overs in our cafe and they are very well received and do make a delicious cup of coffee.

How Many Cups Does a 1Lb make?

Answer: Depending on how many Tbsp you use anywhere from 30-40 cups per 1 Lb

How Does Your Subscription Work?

Answer: Its easy you can chose the interval you want your order shipped at and select weather you want to pre-pay or be automatically charged at time of your new order. 

Can You Cancel Your Subscription?

Answer: Absolutely at any time you can cancel your subscription.