Our Story

When I was in my early 30s, I had been travelling a fair bit and was loving the experiences that were shaping my life. Exploring different cultures, different food, and different lifestyles really piqued my curiosity and drove me to continue exploring back on my home soil. A simple memory of sipping a perfect, fresh, delicious cup of coffee on a beach in Honduras caused me to stop and ask myself why grocery store coffee sucks so much? I wanted to know why I couldn’t find the same quality in my hometown, and that’s when I started exploring and playing around with roasting my own coffee. I wanted to produce a great cup of coffee like the many I had experienced and tasted travelling. I then began my research and dove deep into the coffee roasting industry, and what I found was very disturbing. Did you know that most coffee that is bought and packaged for grocery stores is already over 3-months-old?! That is not fresh. The second thing I found is that MOULD is very common in surplus raw coffee beans. There is no mandatory requirement for countries shipping coffee to check for mould, so it is generally missed by big coffee corporations because of the massive potential loss of inventory if it is discovered through testing. Even the smallest amount of mould can jeopardize our health! My next biggest concern was the price. I looked into the beans different major coffee companies were sourcing, and I was able to find what they were paying compared to what they were charging. I was shocked to find that the most popular brands were using beans from all different regions and blending them together to create a cup of coffee with no identity. After months of research, I began the process of creating Lifestyles Coffee. 
To me, coffee is more than just a pick me up drink- it’s a lifestyle. When your morning routine starts with a cup of coffee every day, you want it to be the best cup of coffee you can experience. It should be healthy for you (not have any moulds!), it should be fairly priced, and it should be FRESH! Lifestyles coffee prides itself on having the freshest coffee delivered directly to you right out of the roaster. Each batch is clinically tested for moulds, pesticides, and fungicides, and it is also ethically sourced. Some of our lots are Fair Trade and Organic Certified as well. You'll taste the difference in our coffee GUARANTEED!